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Standing in the right way to find the most suitable design for hotel lobby


The first glance when the guest coming in is the hotel lobby, in order to give guests a good first impression ",the lobby design is crucial.

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Hotel lobby is for guest to check in, concierge, information in public places, is also the path leads to the other major hotel public space.it is the hub of the hotel.Lobby that create an atmosphere can directly affect the image of the hotel itself, and its function, and the design of the hotel lobby is particularly important.

From the perspective of the designers,the hotel lobby design is the most difficult, because the hotel lobby space is large,functional.Hotel lobby design must take guests as the center, pay attention to give the guests enjoying, create a spacious and magnificent, relaxed atmosphere.From the hotel's image positioning, investment scale, building structure and whole style decide the style and effect of the lobby, makes every effort to dig gold in everywhere of the hotel.Make full use of the lobby is spacious space, to carry out various business activities.

For the lobby reception function, generally including the front desk, concierge, lobby manager platform, rest area, public telephone area, public toilet facilities, etc.In the process of design, according to the lobby space and hotel design style, the overall planning, layout and set each functional area, create comfortable and convenient service environment for guests.

For the lobby management function,in order to enhance the brand effect, Now the hotel can undertake some exhibitions or some brand promotion activities, so in the design process  the lobby design can be according to the type and size of the hotel.In addition, the hotel lobby can also planning a lobby bar and other small service, to create elegant and comfortable consumption environment for more customers .

No matter how hotel designers design, how the lobby reception function, management function, all just in order to be able to give the guests a comfortable environment in the lobby.Standing on the guests perspective, perhaps the lobby design is not so difficult.