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Hotel lobby trash can have great variety, hotel procurement should buy the right but not buy expensive


Trash can, also known as litter bin or waste bin, is the place where for rubbish.Trash can most made in  metal or plastic,when use we put in plastic bags, when too much garbage replace the bag away.Most trash can have a cover to prevent the smell of garbage, some trash can have pedal to open.

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In our daily life, garbage can is necessary, we throw all household garbage to it.While hotel lobby trash can play a considerable role for hotel cleaning and decoration.Reasonable arrange the location of the rubbish bin can let it play its own advantages and characteristics,also convenient for hotel environment management.

The trash can in hotel lobby should keep absolutely clean and tidy, like using the sanitation trash can, it is very bright and clean. In addition to beautiful, bright and clean,the trash can also should be easily to clean up and maintenance for hotel staff.

Now on the market of hotel trash can have a variety styles, some guests think the bright color striking, and some guest like light color, cuase it's low profile.And sanitation trash bin occupied a position in guest heart that it's convenient to use.During Hotel buyer purchasing recycling bin, first to see if the material of garbage bin tough and durable, with his hands trying to hit bottom, and see if it is strong, gently press the bottom will not easily deformation, collapse and wear.Only choice better material and good workmanship can use longer.

Choose what kind of waste bin, in addition to the be fond of, material and practical, also should choose according to hotel's own environment and style.We have not seen in a five-star hotel luxurious hall use cheap plastic garbage can, also has not been seen in business hotel lobby use marble dustbin.