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How to clean up the hotel supplies easily ?


The person who worked in the hotel knows that we must complete hotel services and equipped with complete facilities, And one more problem which can’t ignore, that is the hotel cleaning and hygiene, the hotel is must do every day.Hotel clean sanitation is very complicated and large, in fact, easy cleaning and maintenance of hotel supplies have secret way.

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First to choose waterproof moisture-proof furniture, floor, eat desk and chair, etc. Or if you choose the poor quality of the hotel facilities, cleaning is very hard work.
Secondly we can’t ignore the choice of hotel cleaning supplies, we need to choose the hotel special cleaning products, this is the premise of the cleaning and maintenance.
The hotel lobby furniture like bellman’s cart,ashtray garbage bin and queue stanchion,those need to be wiped each day.Here need to note that different material items should take the corresponding hotel cleaning products for cleaning and maintenance.Such as, if for glass decoration, it would be better to choose glass cleaner and glass cleaning tools, and stainless steel products should selects the stainless steel cleaning and maintenance products, for wooden furniture, we should choose furniture wax cleaning supplies.
Cleaning hotel guestroom equipment including bath crock, toilet, wash basin, cups, bedding articles etc., those touch directly by guest,must insist on clean,disinfection,replacement and maintenance every day after the guest use.