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What to Consider When Buying Hotel Furniture?


The style of your hotel plays a key roll in the overall design of your establishment and will dictate how well your lobby and room will function. Therefore, there are a few significant aspects you need to contemplate when it comes to selecting hotel furniture and equipment to make sure that what you choose will best serve your business, your staff – and most importantly – your customers.

How large is your Hotel?

The size of the space you have to work with will help you determine what style of furniture, the size of the furniture and how many pieces would be best suited to your lobby and room area to comfortably accommodate your patrons. Your goal is to maximize the number of room you can put in your hotel while maintaining a safe, comfortable and functional space for both your staff and customers.

What is the theme/design of your Hotel?

If you own a hotel, the lobby and rooms provide a friendly and warm atmosphere will give your customers feels like home . On the other hand, if you operate a fine dining restaurant, classy equipments may be more suitable to provide the elegant and refined environment you are aiming to achieve.

How big of a budget do you have to work with?

Hotel equipment and supplies are not cheap and when you add up the number of furniture items you will require to fill your lobby and room, the cost quickly adds up. Therefore, find out the exact minimum amount of furniture you require and determine how much it will cost for the items you would ideally like to have in your establishment. Once you know this, you can then determine if you will need to consider cheaper furniture or if you can add additional pieces. That said, keep in mind if you intend to purchase used furniture, make sure it is in good working condition.

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